what is a pcp powered air rifle

All about PCP air rifle

When you ask people what a PCP air rifle is, the most common and simple answer is “Pre-Charged Pneumatics.” This refers to the way how rifles can be powered. There are lots of ways of empowering your rifle. A PCP rifle is a high-power rifle that can be charged in different ways and available with enough power to satisfy the hunter. A PCP rifle also has a special way of empowering it. A PCP rifle will allow you to fill it by compressing air in advance and send the air when you want to throw the caliber to the target dragging the trigger. PCP air rifles are getting popular in recent times. There was a time when people merely knew about it. In the previous time, the best budget PCP air rifle was charged by pressurized tanks. These tanks are heavy and bulky. But, those were easy to use and provided good results, actually. They were found with lots of calibers and sometimes could be used for long-distance shooting. Nowadays, time changes and the empowering system as well. There are different ways available to power rifles.

How they work

A PCP air rifle is very easy to operate. It follows some simple mechanism to make the whole process as simple as possible. There is a reservoir inside every PCP rifle, which may be hidden in the stock. Before going to shoot, you have to attach a compressed air delivery system to the available port. The following step is to fill the reservoir with air until it reaches 2700 to 3000 psi. Here psi means pounds per square inch. You should keep in mind that the rifle should be filled with compressed air, not CO2. Now your PCP is completely ready to go. When you pull the trigger, a powerful burst of compressed air will be released from the barrel of the rifle and push the caliber on the front side. A fully charged PCP rifle provides incredible accuracy. The accuracy level drops as the reservoir’s air decreases.

Types of charging port

As we said before, the PCP air rifle has different ways of powering it. There are different ports available to charge it. Some renowned ports are mentioned below:

Probes: Probes are a simple type of thread that remains attached to the air hose. You just need to press those to charge your PCP air rifle.

Collars: Collars Collars can be a familiar type to you. The reason is that it looks like the thing you might use to fill your car tires. The air delivery system is attached at last. You can open the port at any time and power of the reservoir.

Detachable Bottles: Detachable Bottles are very much handy. This is almost like the paint dot shooting gun. This can quickly recharge by screwing to the air hose.

There are lots of adapter kits available nowadays to charge different air rifles. This follows a different air delivery system to use with the charging port. Almost all the kits of it can be born in your pocket and can fit with almost all the guns available in the market.

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