Kundalika camping A Perfect Detailed Guide

Kolad is a little town with the River Kundalika. To make a trip to Kolad, one requirement is to go to the Raigad locale and the stream boating happens in the Kundalika River. It turns out to be one of the quickest streaming waterways in South India and there are incredibly different things to see here like posts, dams, and staggering cascades. Regardless of whether you are not an experienced devotee, you can essentially come here for the picturesque excellence of the spot.

For the individuals who are going unexpectedly on their boating experience, stress not, as there are a lot of pontoon guides here who will give you legitimate guidance and preparation before the action. All plans with respect to security stuff will likewise be made by them

Kundalika is a wonderful waterway beginning in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra and finishing into the Arabian Sea close to the river at Roha. The waterway courses through thick woodlands and rice fields of a locale of what was before the regal territory of Bhor. It is the solitary waterway in Maharashtra on which wilderness boating is conceivable. This stream has two hydroelectric force stations at Bhira and Ravalje. Boating is done on the let off of these hydroelectric activities. The boating experience is exceptionally pleased with a 13 km stretch with decent evaluation III and grade IV rapids.

One of the world’s most enrapturing experience exercises, White Water Rafting, has been in Maharashtra since 2006. Wilderness Rafting doesn’t get more energizing than this… its 100% unadulterated water fun. Boating in River Kundalika is “dam-controlled”. Boating is done in the rapids which are produced by the water delivered from the dam in the first part of the day, commonly at 08:15 hrs.

Boating tasks start at a town called Saje. Ordinarily by 08:15 hours, water from the Dam gets delivered making the water levels extraordinary for boating. A commonplace Raft hauls around 10 members and there is a River Guide on each Raft.

What follows is an energizing and mind-blowing meeting of White Water Rafting for nearly two hours. You arrange the rapids, do body-surfing, swim… in short make some extraordinary memories Rafting perhaps the most delightful Rivers of India.

Step by step instructions to Reach.

There are different approaches to arrive at Kolad

By Road from Mumbai: The distance of Kolad from Mumbai is around 122 km. You can go through Kodambakkam-Mumbai Highway and Khopoli-Pali Road. You will Kolad this route in around 2 hours 30 mins. You can likewise take the MH SH 104 and the NH 66 and you will arrive at Kolad in 2 hours 48 mins. You can possibly take the NH 66 from Mumbai in the event that you are in a state of mind for a lengthy drive, at that point you will reach in around 3 hours 27 mins.


One can essentially require a day train from Dadar or CST railroad station to Kolad station and will reach in around 2 hours.

By Road from Pune:

From Pune, the distance of Kolad is around 144 km. You may take the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and would arrive at Kolad in around 3 hours. You could likewise travel by means of Tamhini Ghat Road and it will require around 2 hours 50 mins.


One can take a train from Pune railroad station to Kolad station and it will go through Lonavala. It will require about 3.5 hours to reach.

In the event that you are somebody who loves the experience, at that point do plan your next outing to Kolad on your next break. You will be very astonished to discover a particularly exciting area so near Mumbai and the district is a finished bundle of excellence, greenery, rush, and experience. You make certain to design your following visit here with a significantly bigger gathering without a doubt.

Best Time to Visit

In spite of the fact that the Kolad boating should be possible whenever of the year, for the bad-to-the-bone experience devotees, the storms hold a unique interest. This is on the grounds that the stream is at its swiftest and the rapids are practically flooding. It takes a ton of skill to keep above water and the prepared water boating truly loves this experience, taking the waterway boating to an unheard-of level.

The climate is ideal consistently and it is generally damp, with no significant vacillations consistently. The storms last from June to September, and this is the point at which the greatest vacationers come here. The stream is in a real sense thundering and the verdant greenery around is a welcome blessing and you will adore the change it brings from the dull and dreary city life.

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