9 Air Travel Tips to Make Your Next Hunting Trip A Great Success!

For seasoned hunters, nothing can be a great experience like a successful hunting trip in their life. Right? No doubt, the better you prepare for it, the greater your chances will be to make it truly memorable.

Hunting trips are always all about testing your strengths in a whole new surrounding and fickle weather. But, with the right equipment lined up, you can succeed without any hassle. But, when it comes to air travel tips, you’ll find all the weapon carrying tips on the internet.

So, what about the basic tips except for the weapon-carrying tips? Well, this article covers all the basic air travel tips for your next hunting. Wholly read the article before you start preparing.

1 Pick the right travel agent and outfitter

After finalizing your destination, game, and hunting style, look for a good outfitter and the best terrain. A specialized travel agent can help you find a good outfitter. You can also find one from plenty of options via the internet instead.

No matter how good a service provider you paid for, the best outfitters get booked in advance in the pick-season. So booking them early can be a clever move.

Ask them about the best season, additional expenses, and the success rate. Don’t forget to contact multiple agents and outfitters to choose the most professional one between them. You can also ask for recommendations from the local hunter community.

2 Choose the right time to go

The most successful hunting session is offered by the animal’s rutting season but the weather can be a decisive factor to choose the perfect time to go. Consider the full moon an obstacle as the game remains less active in the daytime.

Pick an optimum time for ensuring success for the game you’re after. If you miss that period, wait for the next year. Ask local independent people to know the best period.

If you’re a seasoned hunter, consider creating a network of hunters worldwide for exchanging knowledge.

3 Ensure physical fitness to meet the challenges

Traveling with poor physical fitness can turn your dream tour into a nightmare. Train yourself to remain in physical shape to complete the trip. Let your service provider know if you’re in doubt because your shooting would be more accurate and you’ll be more sure-footed when you’re hundred percent fit.

Carrying a rucksack in your hunt? Well, training yourself by filling it is recommended before heading out. This is how you can make your neck, shoulder, and back get used to the strain it offers.

4 Choose the right weapons and accessories

Carry the weapons you’re confident with. Obey other hunter’s advice for choosing the caliber. Too hard a bullet should be avoided as the quarry may be allowed to take flight by just an. off-target. While talking about the sight, our recommendation is to go with a variable magnification sight as you’ll be altering the magnification to match new terrain.

Remember- shooting from less than 100 yards requires reduced magnification up to 2-3 whereas open terrain requires 9-12X magnification. So, having a sight with high luminosity along with an illuminated red dot is required.

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5 Pack bows in golf cases

For whatever reason, some of the airline personnel respectfully treat the golfers where the hunters are disregarded. I know someone who has been posing like a golfer carrying a hard case including bows and arrow tube stuffing his clothes around to cushion the weapon. He has never got his bag inspected and the airline agents mistook it for a firearm case.

As different airlines have different policies, some of them offer golfers waivers on oversized baggage. You can also opt for a two-compartment rolling duffle or one of the iconic range bags that work.

6 Pack lightweight

Try to pack everything you need but keep your backpack lightweight. No matter if you are going to hunt with your gun or bow, carry your bow case to use the bulky amount of space in it. Stuff your extra clothes in it to cushion your bow or your gun.

Remember- the limit you can carry in your backpack is 50- 70 pounds. So pack your binoculars, range finders, and shoes in your backpack to take it on the plane with you.

7 Pack the right pair of shoes

Packing the right pair of shoes is such a small detail that shouldn’t be underestimated. Select the footwear according to your hunting type and what you want to wear while traveling. Choose your footwear considering the country or state you are going to hunt.

As an example- if you’re heading out to Africa, your shoes should have ventilation. On the other hand, the perfect lining is a must for the winter seasons, waterproof membrane for wet areas, and ankle support for mountain areas.

Avoid blisters by walking with your hunting boots for one week before heading out. Pack ample amounts of socks if you have the possibility to walk a lot. Keep changing them when your feet get wet.

8 Ship your meat and trophies home

If you’re on a trip where you’ll be shipping meat and trophies with you, you must know how to treat the felled game after a kill. Learn to skin an animal for mounting, to butcher it, or to salt the hide. The hide and the head skin should be treated using fine salt.

Talking about the freight company, you should sign up with one that has a lot of experience in sending hunting trophies to your state or country before you start heading out. Try to come to know which documents should be with the trophy.

9 Gather knowledge from your trip and use it for the next ones

Hunting in a new country is a great piece of experience. It can give you a lifetime experience to live close to nature, wildlife, or game. All these experiences will make you a  more experienced hunter.

When you’ll be hunting in different cultures, show respect and interest to them. Remember- a hunt is not just a hunt but it is about engaging people from different cultures.

Final words

Hopefully, by reading the article, you have mastered the air travel tips to follow in your next hunting. Right? Still consulting elderly hunters on different topics is recommended for making your trip more enjoyable.

And, of course, keep your local airline rules on carrying firearms in mind before you step out of the home. Happy hunting!

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