types of gun safe locks

Working Mechanism and types of Gun safes locks

One of the key components of a firearm is understanding how to manage it safely. A secure cabinet or weapons locker in your home and a safety case or lock on firearms during transport represent one of the first steps towards the protection of firearms. Protection systems like this help to ensure unauthorized consumers, including children, are unable to access the weapons.

The lock to any weapons is fitted with two separate functions. It must protect the arms and other items in the safe and ensure the protection of the family from casual incidents. A safe is only as secure and solid as the lock. There are mainly two types(i.e. mechanical and electronic) for a proper gun locking device.

Mechanical lock Working Mechanism

A secure storage box with a mechanical lock is safe, as you might have seen on the television. The safe is fitted with a traditional wheel. It needs to be rotated to know three numbers that are effectively the passcode for protected access.

To start with someone needs 4-5 times to rotate the lock to clear the last code. If done, one has to move the lock for the first code about four times to the left, for the second code three times to the right, for the third one twice, and eventually turn left until it catches. As you can imagine, access to a safe with a mechanical lock takes a reasonable amount of time.

Some safes also have the traditional mechanic key lock: just like you unlock your door at home, you can use the key to open the safe.

Electronic lock Working Mechanism

A metal or plastic pad is an electronic lock, where you need to insert the default safety code to get access to a safe. The internal lock unlocks after the code is entered, allowing the handle to be unlocked.

For those of you who do not know, the code can be changed at any time, according to the will and wish of the safe owner. A vehicle’s electronic gun safes gives easier entry to the firearm when emergency occur while driving your car, than a manually locked safe. It is thus the typically chosen storage system for weapons of self-protection.

Although it is called Electrical, there’s no need to attach electricity to the gun safe since it operates usually on batteries, and for months the battery is enough to operate the lock.

Electronic Lock vs Dial Lock

If the correct number series are picked manually, a traditional or button lock opens. Many people have tested and love these types of locks because they appear to be very long-lasting and rarely need repair. The limitation of traditional dial locking is the time to operate, attempting to make accessibility even a bit harder and time-consuming than newer technology. However, electronic locks, including keypads or biometric gun safes, offer fast and convenient accessibility and automatic locking. However, they do not last indefinitely like all appliances and may need repair or replacement every few years.

Other mechanisms for locking

Many systems are also available that seek to blend the best in the world. These locks will have both mechanical and electrical locks. Biometric locking is the newest invention of the locking mechanism. To open a safe, a biometric lock uses fingerprints. For fingerprint reading, you have to put your hands on the scanner. The most secure thing is that someone other than the registered person will have no access to the code and there are no two fingerprints.


All electronic and mechanical locks have problems of their own and are great in particular circumstances. Carefully pick to make sure that the warranty includes lockouts and repairs to the door along with the lock no matter what sort of lock you are having.

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