Learn How to Care for a Pet Bird

Birds and parrots may not be as common of a household pet as dogs or cats, but they can provide just as much happiness and enjoyment if you care for them properly. If you have never owned a bird before then make sure you learn how to care for a pet bird before bringing one home.

There are certain things you will need to determine, such as what you are going to feed your bird, what sort of cage you will use, and sort of grooming and health care will be needed. Read through this article to get a better understanding of the steps required for caring for a pet bird.

Researching Birds

Before getting into the various requirements for caring for a bird, it should be noted that parrots and certain other birds have special requirements for care. Learn more about the type of bird you want, in addition to the general tips provided below.

For expert advice, talk to whoever is in charge of birds at your local pet store. Regardless of the type of bird you choose, you should still perform some additional research. Find out as much as you can about birds before setting up your cage at home.

Socializing with Your Bird

Learn How to Care for a Pet Bird

Birds are actually very intelligent animals and require socialization – as does any animal. You need to spend time with your bird, not only so that they will get used to, but so that you will begin to understand what they like and do not like.

Spending time with your bird will also help you learn more about how a bird interacts with its surroundings and its general habits.

You will also want to allow your bird to remain out of the cage as much as possible. Before doing this, you will need to bird-proof your property. Some bird owners use an entire room to house their birds, allowing them to remain out of a cage. Birds will chew on any item they can find. This means you will have to hide wires and cords. You should also keep your bird out of reach of other animals, especially cats and dogs.

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We also recommend that you avoid clipping your bird’s wings. They do not naturally have their wings clipped so let them fly. Taking flight away from a bird can affect their attitude and take away a large part of their normal comfort.

Find a Veterinarian

You will want to locate a veterinarian before you buy your bird. Once you own a pet, you never know when you may have to visit the vet. The smart solution is to search for local veterinarians ahead of time. Read reviews online to compare several veterinarians and look for one that is certified in avian medicine.

Purchasing Multiple Birds

Learn How to Care for a Pet BirdBirds naturally group in flocks. They are social animals and would love the company of other birds. When selecting birds, consider getting more than one to allow them the opportunity for more socialization. Having more than one bird can also help you better understand their habits.

Feeding Your Bird

As with any pet, nutrition is important. Make sure your birds are fed properly. Your birds should have a balanced diet that is heavier on organic pellets and fresh vegetables and fruits. Try to limit the amount of birdseed you feed them, as it is not as healthy for them as pellets and fresh food.

Caging Your Bird

If you choose to cage your bird, get as large of a cage as you can place on your property. You want to give your bird as much space to fly around as possible. If possible, choose a cage with multiple perches and easy access to food and water spots.

These are a few general tips for caring for a bird. There is much more involved in the daily tasks of caring for a bird. Continue learning about birds and make sure you perform additional research or talk to a bird expert

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