10 Camping tips and tricks for beginners

Camping can be the best or the worst time of the day. You stop to rest after pedaling, suffering, and sweating; you start cooking, you set up your tent, but … oh surprise! something can go wrong.

If you are done watching Netflix, kissanime, Amazon prime, and don’t want to play games on PS5 and want to go on camping then you should read this before going out. In this article, I am going to give you these 10 tips that will help you prevent those camping trips from twisting so that you can live this experience in the best possible way.

10 Camping tips and tricks for beginners


When it comes to camping we have two options: a wild place or a civilized place and, I don’t want you to rule out either of the two. In some situations, a wild place like a forest, a beach, or something very far away, far from any human, may be the perfect place, but not every time we have that option and we have to get closer to humans … but don’t you! worry! some are dangerous, but not all.

You can ask someone for permission to accompany you to your garden or you can sleep in a civilized place like a train station, a bus station or even an airport. I have done it on more than one occasion because I have not found a better place, either because there was a storm or because I was in a very urban area like a big city.

You can also take advantage of the buildings, the churches, the portals … Especially, if during stormy days.

I have slept in the center of Rome for several nights and have taken advantage of the arcades of buildings such as churches or temples.

I’m not telling you to pitch your tent there, but throwing out your jacket when it is already dark and, there is hardly anyone, is a very good option. Of course, be careful on weekends, since people give up partying and you still have to put up with some pessimism …

So, during the weekends, take a good look at where you are camping, be it an urban or rural area, because someone who wants to ride a bottle may appear and wake you up in the middle of the night … It has happened to me more than once.

Geographical orientation

Take into account the geographical orientation. Oriented camping: south, north, west, and west is super important, regardless of the time of year and what you feel like. For example, the north slope is much colder than the south slope.

An area facing west will have evening light, but will not have morning light instead. If you choose an area facing east, you will have the light of dawn, so if you want to get up early it will be very good, but if you want to sleep late, it is not a very good idea.

The roads

When you go camping near a road keep this in mind: If it is a road that is on an incline, it is better to camp in an elevated area. It is usually easier for people to look down than up because looking down is a natural gesture and to look up you have to strain your neck. Therefore it will be much more difficult for them to discover you if you are up.

  • If the road has a curve, it is better to sleep inside it for three reasons:
  • The lights of the cars will not bother you because they always illuminate the outside.
  • It will be more difficult for them to discover you because you will be in an always dark area of ​​the road.
  • In the worst case, if a car goes out of the curve and goes straight ahead… well, you can imagine it, right?

Inspect the terrain before camping

If you are accompanied, you can leave your bike with the other person while you walk to take a look at the camping site. On the other hand, if you are alone, hide the bicycle near the road and approach on foot. If you are walking you will be much more agile and faster to take a look at the camping area than if you are pushing it.

Remember that what may look like a good spot from the road, once you get close, can be rubbish. Do not carry your bicycle every time you see a path and go down it, because then it will take forever.

Hours of light

Work with the sun means that you try to adapt your camping with the sun. It depends where we are: in the summer it can be done at 10 p.m. or 11 p.m., but in winter, in many places, at 5 p.m. there is no light left.

Therefore, try to camp with light, but do not camp with 5 hours of light ahead before dark because it will be easier to be discovered.


Be proactive with the water. Two or three hours before camping you should refill your tanks because you never know where you are going to find a new source or a tap to refill them and, camping without water means, at best, not being able to wash, but it may also be that you do not cook or you can’t drink all night. So be anticipating and before camping load all the water you think you may need.


Do not bring the right food for the day. You may want to stay in that place camping for more than a day but, because you don’t have food, you have to go. Or maybe just that night you feel bad, you get sick and have to be two days without moving.

I always carry a package of emergency spaghetti in my saddlebag, it takes up very little, and with that, you can live two days peacefully without being too hungry.

Be discreet

Be discreet if you don’t want to be discovered. Use a discreet store: green or dark color; Orange tents are for camping in the mountains, red tents are for partying at a festival, but green, dark or camouflage tents are the best for traveling by bicycle. In CAMPZ.es they have a wide variety of stores and you can filter all of them by color.

Be careful with the fire, the lights, or the music, do not have it too loud. These tips are general, there are times when you will be able to set up a nightclub and nobody will find out, but there are others when it is better not to make noise and be totally discreet. In your hands is knowing how to value when you can do these things or not.

The fire

Beware of fire! Camping and making a fire on a cold night is one of the best sensations you can have, but everything can go wrong if you don’t know how to do it and you end up burning the bush. So take all possible precautions before starting a fire.

Don’t do it in very dry areas and hot climates, don’t do it on windy days, and if possible, have an amount of water or sand nearby to turn it off in case it gets out of hand. You won’t be the first camper to end up messing it up.


Don’t be afraid to ask. Sometimes we think that everyone is bad, but it is not. People, in general, want to help you. Rarely have I asked someone about a camping area and they did not help me, either by telling me where there is a good area to spend the night or even inviting me to their garden or home. Do not be ashamed!

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