Camping Cooking Supplies You Should Bring: Here Is A Guide To Show You

Traditional camp food is hot dogs, beans, and firewood. Many of the things you can make at home can be made at the campground. Only one problem: You must have the right camping equipment.

You can make delicious camping dishes with the right equipment. You have so many choices, but what are you going to need for your camping trips?

The Big List of Essential Camping Cooking Gear

A few essential items are necessary for every camper who plans to cook in the camping kitchen. The first is a camping stove or campfire. First, a camping stove or campfire.

You will also need a place to cook, a place to serve, and a plate on which to put your tasty camping food. And finally, something to eat the grub with.

There are many options for camping cooking gear. A car camper may bring more than an RV camper, backpacker, or RV camper. No matter what type of camping you do, these basic items will help you get started.

  • Cooler
  • Reusable Ice Pack
  • Cast Iron Pot and Pan
  • Cooking spatulas
  • Knives
  • Cutting board
  • Plates, bowls, cups
  • Eating utensils

Cooking Gear for Car Campers

Car campers have more space for gear to be transported, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bring the kitchen sink. It’s best to keep it simple and use the same items for every meal.

Over the Fire Grate

Many campgrounds have campfires equipped with grates. However, it isn’t always the case if you’re boondocking. The best part about campground cooking is the over-the-fire grates.

Wooden Spoons

Both for cooking at the campground and home, wooden spoons have become a popular choice. They are great for stir-frying, stirring, spooning, and tasting.


Use silicone, nylon, or rubber spatulas to prepare non-stick eggs pans (but don’t scrape the nonstick coating), and a steel spatula to prepare cast iron pans. Spatulas are easy for people to forget. Keep one in your camping gear.

Egg Holder

Yes, many cooking gadgets can be bogus. This also applies to camping cooking gear. But egg holders? They can be very useful. In Campsite Breakfast Recipes, eggs and camping are so well-matched. However, traditional cardboard containers can quickly break in the cooler.

An egg holder is a great upgrade that will keep your eggs safe from breaking in places you don’t want.


Although they might not seem like an essential item, tongs are great for cooking with fire. Tongs allow you to grab food while cooking on fire and prevent it from getting burnt.

Can you open it?

Canned goods are often used in conjunction with camping, so losing your can opener could spell doom. While you can MacGyver a lot, having a spare opener for your camping gear makes it so much easier.

Bottle Opener/Corkscrew

Don’t forget to bring your openers! It’s amazing how much-boxed wine has advanced, and some great beers come in cans.

Have you ever been camping and realized the true tragedy of not having a beer/wine opener? It’s always in my camp bin. Always.

Metal Skewers

You can fire roast vegetables, meats, or fruits. We need more!

Hand Coffee Grinder

I admit it, I am a complete coffee snob. There is nothing better than freshly ground coffee beans. They taste different if I grind them before they leave my house.

Javapresse’s hand-grinder saves the day. It is worth it, trust me.

Espresso Maker

Coffee drinkers might also need a high-quality coffee maker. But, it should be easy to use and not require electricity. This French press is the best coffee maker for us, at home and in the outdoors.

camping cooking

Backcountry Campers Need Cooking Gear

For camping gear, you need to follow different rules for backcountry camping. First, you will need light, nesting-style cookware, and durable, long-lasting cookware.

It is also important to have as a few items as possible. You never know where you will be setting up. Lightweight, packable gear is essential.

Backpacking Camp Stove

The PocketRocket 2 Stove, weighing less than 3 oz, is a lightweight backpacking stove that can be used to cook delicious camping meals, even in remote areas. It may be tiny but it is powerful.

Nesting pots and pans

This cooking kit is the ultimate backcountry camper’s kitchen set. No matter if you are backpacking or boondocking you will have access to high-quality nesting cookware. It is lightweight at only 1.8lbs and doubles as a wash set.

Backpacking Utility Cooking Tools

Wooden spoons, spatulas, and knives can get quite cumbersome. An easy-to-pack cooking utensil collection, such as this, can be very handy.

Consuming Utensils

We mean this:

  • Plates
  • Bowls
  • Cups
  • Forks
  • Spoons
  • Knives

There have been many occasions when I’ve just eaten directly from the pan without using my fingers. However, it is much more enjoyable to use actual utensils. Sea to Summit provides a variety of lightweight, collapsible plates, bowls, and nesting cups as well as eating utensils.

Spice containers

I don’t know about you but bland, boring food is something I cannot stand. I love to cook with spices and add flavor to every meal, even camping meals. This spice container is a brilliant idea. It’s small, lightweight, and waterproof.

Backcountry Water Filter system

You will need a water filter system if you are backcountry camping. There are several ways to do this. The first is to use a tab that dissolves in water. For example, aqua tabs.

This eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses, making the water safe for drinking. Another option is to filter the water via a portable system. You can either pour it into a reusable container or drink it straight from the filter. You should consider the Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System.

camping cooking

Cooking Gear for RV Campers

An RV camper will usually have a stove to cook on, as well as cabinets, counter space, and an Oven. The RV cooks can prepare the same meals as at home. Because RV camping is heavy, you should have lightweight, compact, stackable camping kitchen gear.

You can also use RV campers’ car camping gear. You can create a functional and practical camping kitchen with these additional items.

3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Deluxe Center

This 500-watt multi-functional kitchen appliance has more to offer than just a tool. It can also be used as a toaster oven or griddle and a coffeemaker.

This store Collapsible Boils

These Thinstore Collapsible bowls are great for storing leftovers in an RV fridge.

Sink & Stove Covers

You can add extra space to your stove or sink for meal prep. Add these bamboo cutting boards covers to create the counter space you need.

Nesting Kitchen Cookware Set

It is essential to cook delicious camp meals using your RV stove. Nesting sets are a great choice because they take up very little space and can be used in tight spaces.

Collapsible Measurement Cups

It’s not worth having oven access if you don’t have the right tools to create delicious treats. Collapsible measuring cups are light and portable, but take up little space.

camping cooking

The result is not only the food that you want to eat but an unforgettable experience. Take your time, do your research and make your choices wisely.

Camping cooking is like anything else, the roots start with the right choice of tools, so you have an amazing camping cooking experience.

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