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Camping Cooking Supplies You Should Bring: Here Is A Guide To Show You


Traditional camp food is hot dogs, beans, and firewood. Many of the things you can make at home can be made at the campground. Only one problem: You must have the right camping equipment.

You can make delicious camping dishes with the right equipment. You have so many choices, but what are you going to need for your camping trips?

The Big List of Essential Camping Cooking Gear

A few essential items are necessary for every camper who plans to cook in the camping kitchen. The first is a camping stove or campfire. First, a camping stove or campfire.

You will also need a place to cook, a place to serve, and a plate on which to put your tasty camping food. And finally, something to eat the grub with.

There are many options for camping cooking gear. A car camper may bring more than an RV camper, backpacker, or RV camper. No matter what type of camping you do, these basic items will help you get started.

  • Cooler
  • Reusable Ice Pack
  • Cast Iron Pot and Pan
  • Cooking spatulas
  • Knives
  • Cutting board
  • Plates, bowls, cups
  • Eating utensils

Cooking Gear for Car Campers

Car campers have more space for gear to be transported, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bring the kitchen sink. It’s best to keep it simple and use the same items for every meal.

Over the Fire Grate

Many campgrounds have campfires equipped with grates. However, it isn’t always the case if you’re boondocking. The best part about campground cooking is the over-the-fire grates.

Wooden Spoons

Both for cooking at the campground and home, wooden spoons have become a popular choice. They are great for stir-frying, stirring, spooning, and tasting.


Use silicone, nylon, or rubber spatulas to prepare non-stick eggs pans (but don’t scrape the nonstick coating), and a steel spatula to prepare cast iron pans. Spatulas are easy for people to forget. Keep one in your camping gear.

Egg Holder

Yes, many cooking gadgets can be bogus. This also applies to camping cooking gear. But egg holders? They can be very useful. In Campsite Breakfast Recipes, eggs and camping are so well-matched. However, traditional cardboard containers can quickly break in the cooler.

An egg holder is a great upgrade that will keep your eggs safe from breaking in places you don’t want.


Although they might not seem like an essential item, tongs are great for cooking with fire. Tongs allow you to grab food while cooking on fire and prevent it from getting burnt.

Can you open it?

Canned goods are often used in conjunction with camping, so losing your can opener could spell doom. While you can MacGyver a lot, having a spare opener for your camping gear makes it so much easier.

Bottle Opener/Corkscrew

Don’t forget to bring your openers! It’s amazing how much-boxed wine has advanced, and some great beers come in cans.

Have you ever been camping and realized the true tragedy of not having a beer/wine opener? It’s always in my camp bin. Always.

Metal Skewers

You can fire roast vegetables, meats, or fruits. We need more!

Hand Coffee Grinder

I admit it, I am a complete coffee snob. There is nothing better than freshly ground coffee beans. They taste different if I grind them before they leave my house.

Javapresse’s hand-grinder saves the day. It is worth it, trust me.

Espresso Maker

Coffee drinkers might also need a high-quality coffee maker. But, it should be easy to use and not require electricity. This French press is the best coffee maker for us, at home and in the outdoors.

camping cooking

Backcountry Campers Need Cooking Gear

For camping gear, you need to follow different rules for backcountry camping. First, you will need light, nesting-style cookware, and durable, long-lasting cookware.

It is also important to have as a few items as possible. You never know where you will be setting up. Lightweight, packable gear is essential.

Backpacking Camp Stove

The PocketRocket 2 Stove, weighing less than 3 oz, is a lightweight backpacking stove that can be used to cook delicious camping meals, even in remote areas. It may be tiny but it is powerful.

Nesting pots and pans

This cooking kit is the ultimate backcountry camper’s kitchen set. No matter if you are backpacking or boondocking you will have access to high-quality nesting cookware. It is lightweight at only 1.8lbs and doubles as a wash set.

Backpacking Utility Cooking Tools

Wooden spoons, spatulas, and knives can get quite cumbersome. An easy-to-pack cooking utensil collection, such as this, can be very handy.

Consuming Utensils

We mean this:

  • Plates
  • Bowls
  • Cups
  • Forks
  • Spoons
  • Knives

There have been many occasions when I’ve just eaten directly from the pan without using my fingers. However, it is much more enjoyable to use actual utensils. Sea to Summit provides a variety of lightweight, collapsible plates, bowls, and nesting cups as well as eating utensils.

Spice containers

I don’t know about you but bland, boring food is something I cannot stand. I love to cook with spices and add flavor to every meal, even camping meals. This spice container is a brilliant idea. It’s small, lightweight, and waterproof.

Backcountry Water Filter system

You will need a water filter system if you are backcountry camping. There are several ways to do this. The first is to use a tab that dissolves in water. For example, aqua tabs.

This eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses, making the water safe for drinking. Another option is to filter the water via a portable system. You can either pour it into a reusable container or drink it straight from the filter. You should consider the Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System.

camping cooking

Cooking Gear for RV Campers

An RV camper will usually have a stove to cook on, as well as cabinets, counter space, and an Oven. The RV cooks can prepare the same meals as at home. Because RV camping is heavy, you should have lightweight, compact, stackable camping kitchen gear.

You can also use RV campers’ car camping gear. You can create a functional and practical camping kitchen with these additional items.

3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Deluxe Center

This 500-watt multi-functional kitchen appliance has more to offer than just a tool. It can also be used as a toaster oven or griddle and a coffeemaker.

This store Collapsible Boils

These Thinstore Collapsible bowls are great for storing leftovers in an RV fridge.

Sink & Stove Covers

You can add extra space to your stove or sink for meal prep. Add these bamboo cutting boards covers to create the counter space you need.

Nesting Kitchen Cookware Set

It is essential to cook delicious camp meals using your RV stove. Nesting sets are a great choice because they take up very little space and can be used in tight spaces.

Collapsible Measurement Cups

It’s not worth having oven access if you don’t have the right tools to create delicious treats. Collapsible measuring cups are light and portable, but take up little space.

camping cooking

The result is not only the food that you want to eat but an unforgettable experience. Take your time, do your research and make your choices wisely.

Camping cooking is like anything else, the roots start with the right choice of tools, so you have an amazing camping cooking experience.

Top 5 Best Colorado Hiking Trails to Visit Today


As they say, heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads. Getting nature’s exposure is believed to drastically improve our mental and physical health.

Although fleeing from the office desk into nature gest may seem hard at first, but not anymore as we have sorted out a list of Best Colorado Hiking Trails near you after interviewing many locals, talking with tourists, and pondering visitors’ experiences online.

Colorado since long has been a hiker’s dream come true. Encompassing vast grassy plains to the rocky mountains and verdant valleys with awe-inspiring landscapes makes up the vicinity of Colorado with plenty of spring hiking trails and camping/hiking options near Denver.

These trails are of various lengths ranging from a day hike to over a day, talking about the difficulty levels; there are preferably short, appealing treks with low-moderate levels, whereas for adventure seekers, there are moderate to hard:

longer, and challenging trails that take you through the absolute wilderness to test your capabilities to extremes- in short, Colorado has everything for everyone.

1 Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Credits: www.canva.com

 Rocky Mountain undoubtedly is one of the famous national parks of the United States, with over 04 million people flooding annually to find comfort in the mighty peaks over 12,000 feet, rugged pathways, alpinist lakes with mind blogging views.

The Park is situated between the towns of Grand Lake to the west and Estes Park to the east. The Rocky Mountain National Park can be reached 76miles (122 km) away from Denver International Airport, from where you can either drive northwest to Estes Park or take the Estes Park Shuttle to reach the Park.

The Rocky Mountain National Park occupies a hiking area of over 355 miles in the wilderness away from human intervention and excellent chances to see wildlife, i.e., Moose, Deer, Bighorn sheep, Elk, and over 370 bird species.

The open hiking trail and easily accessible one is the Wild Basin Trail, which lies in the easy to moderate category depending on how far you go or what type of adventure suits you.

If you’re not fond of walking and want things to go smooth like a rejuvenating walk in nature, then the one-mile Copeland Fall suits you, and if you like, you can advance further to Calypso Cascades for approx 4 miles round trip.

However, if you have family and kids accompanying you, you’d certainly be more interested in fun, engaging, yet not so demanding trails. Well, there’s no better option than Bear Lake Loop.

It’s a brief and flat tour around the lake which offers wildlife sightings along with vistas of Flattop Mountain and Hallett Peak.

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For a bit more challenge, you can opt for Pear Lake (9 miles round trip) and Bluebird Lake (12 miles round trip) to witness the yogi still subalpine lakes and encamp under open skies near one of these for a delightful outdoor vacation. There you’ll retreat for multiple-day backpacking adventures, fish multiple species of trout.

2 Four Pass Loop, White River National Forest

Credits: www.canva.com


The Four Pass Loop is a classic 28 miles loop trail that is a part of the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness Area in Central Colorado. The course takes you through in-depth insights of wondrous and high-reaching passes (West Maroon, Frigid Air, Trail Rider, Buckskin) through rocky pathways of the Elk Mountains.

Venturing your way through scenic meadows with blooming wildflowers up to alpinist lakes and thick forests is what White River National Forest is all about.

White River National Forest lies in close proximity to Denver, a 90 minutes drive (61miles) that will take you to the Park. To access the trail at Maroon Bells Area, you’re advised to enter before 08 am or after 5 pm to gain access with your vehicle. However, a shuttle service is also provided for visitors arriving in between.

The Four Pass Loop can be completed within 03-04 days depending on your pace, but let me assure you that it is physically demanding, which will make your heart beat faster as you ascend closer and closer to the Trail Rider Pass at 12,000 feet to finally be awe-inspired with the 360° panoramic views of national forests wilderness.

For ease & reliving experience, you can also opt for sidetracks of Geneva Lake and Willow Pass to explore nature at your own pace.

Along with that, tourists who have been to White River National Forest exclaim that Snowmass Lake is one of the most enjoyed places throughout the trek with incredible photography spots, clean campsites under open skies, with great fly fishing opportunities.

You’re recommended to follow the loop in a clockwise manner. The steepness is gradual throughout the West Maroon Valley, making it easier to carry the backpack in anticipation of tremendous mountainous vistas.

The best time to visit the Four Pass Loop is Mid-Summers; however, dealing with the irritating mosquitoes is at your consent.

3 Garden of the Gods Loop, Colorado Springs

Credits: www.canva.com

The Garden of the Gods Loop is a 06 miles moderately crowded loop in Colorado Springs. The loop is famous for its prominent red rock formations, well-maintained trails, variety of stopping points, family, pet, and beginner-friendly loop.

The loop can be approached 06 miles northwest of downtown Colorado Springs. Though access to the Park is free, finding parking can hold you back. Come early or come late to find a parking spot to roll on. There’s also a free shuttle service available to all visitors too.

Starting on the Perkins Central Garden Trail, the loop ascends through scenic vistas of primeval forest and towering rock formations. The tracks are pretty good where even strollers can be moved. However, it’s only until the rain when things get muddy, and walking can get burdensome.

Rest assured, it is a great retreat with family, and beginners can enjoy the gentle trails giving them more and more time to admire the exposure and learn from what the Park has to offer.

Venturing through the loop, you’ll see the famous rock formation on the west that resembles two camels kissing each other. It is also the most photographed place on the trail.

On your east, you can find a sidetrack, Sleeping Giant Trail. This is a short, dirt trail that leads to the bottom of Sleeping Giant rock formation and follows the Cathedral Spire and Three Spires to reconnect with Perkins Central Garden Trail.

In the Garden of the Gods Loop, there are no fewer options to explore the geological formations. Choose your trek away from the crowd into the obscure and less traveled routes without fearing getting lost because the rock formations are always visible, and you can stumble back anytime you feel like you had enough.

Keep your phones charged for adventurous Instagram clicks, stories of yourself, or the captivating sunrise, sunset from Colorado Springs. Lastly, with all great fun opportunities, there can come a little spider web on your face. You got to watch ya.

4 Lost Lake Trail

Credits: www.canva.com

Our fourth contender for the best Colorado Hiking Trails is the Lost Lake Trail, a 04 miles moderately trafficked trail to a pristine lake surrounded by the Indian Peaks. As they say, it’s not too long nor too much but a complete all-around hike.

Go through Boulder Creek through blooming wild fauna into the lush meadows to reach a set of tumbling waterfalls. In winter, relish cross country skiing and snowshoeing for an experience like never before!

The Lost Lake Trail is one hour northwest of Denver and is located outside the Indian Peak Wilderness Area near the small town of Nederland.

Drive past the settlement of Eldora through the rocky road and a run-off stream past beyond the trail sign to park your vehicle at a better spot. This will also save a mile to start off from a better place.

It’s a beginner-friendly trail that can be traveled with the family that passes through ancient woods, offering insights into nature’s liar to reach sublime lakes.

These lakes are also rich in trout, so considering a fishing rod with you wouldn’t be a bad idea at all, especially at South Mesa Lake.

The trail begins at 9000 feet moving westwards in a thin shade of aspen which eases the start of the track until a swept valley and mountain in a distinct background starts to appear.

Ascend through the rocky terrain as far into the wilderness until you get to hear the rushing middle boulder creek. Stop, relax, have some snacks, or make a coffee for a bit of warmth to continue towards the lake.

Continue on the Devil’s Thumb Trail to reach the long-awaited Lost Lake, which is now not far enough, along with the nearby Woodland Lake and King Lake. There are around 08 campgrounds for families and first-time backpackers. Pitch in your tents, and if there’s more time in the day, you’ll not regret exploring the surrounding area on your own.

5 Chautauqua Park

Credits: www.canva.com

 Chautauqua Park trail is a highly crowded trail for locals and tourists alike; it boasts around 5.5 miles round trip that introduces visitors to the summit of Green Mountains with captivating sights of nearby boulders, Flatirons suburbs, and Chautauqua meadows.

The Park is situated on a 45-minute drive from Denver, offering countless hiking options into the Flatirons through deceiving canyons and expensive sightseeing of iconic Rocky mountains. The main trail takes you towards the Green Mountains and backs, whereas Enchanted Mesa Loop offers an easy hike through diverse terrain like pine forests.

Upon continuing the Mesa Trail, it’ll link itself to Bluebell Road Trail, walking shortly; you’ll reach a historic stone structure called Blue Bell Shelter, which is not only reputed to be the Chautauqua landmark but also a great picnic spot which can be opted for reservations for special occasions with your family and friends.

Head northwards until the hidden meadows begin to unveil themselves, from where you can hike flatirons on First and Second Flatirons Hike Trails.

You’ll also get along the Ski Jump Trail, which was operational in WW2, stop by to read the history and significance, or move onto the finishing Gregory Canyon Trailhead that is another 2-3 hours moderate difficulty trail encompassing several loops with good views of the Rocky Mountains, summit views, and jungle flora and fauna. The Baseline trail will head you back on the trailhead.

The Park provides access to Open Space Mountain Park Trails, a secluded trek meant for families and kids to spend more time with nature, so their wandering thoughts go adrift. Children love this part of the area as it gives them the freedom to explore and playfully experience the wild.

The Park is a must-look place on early morning lights when the sun approaches the mountains from the foreground, making it a great spectacle to watch. Many photographers wait in the early morning to capture in time moment of the first light awakening the sleeping meadows and wildlife alike.


Nature is an excellent remedy to all work-related stress and boredom, therefore going on a hiking or camping trip can be a great idea to spend quality time with your loved ones.

The rankings are based on the personal preferences of people with different tastes, likes, and backgrounds.

So it is always advisable to choose what suits you best regarding distance from your home, your vacation tenure, your hiking preferences (short, long hike), off-track opportunities, children or pets friendly trails, camping, lodging options, and jeep or RV parking facilities. Your next adventure awaits you!

Adventure Sports in India That Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

India has a wide array of adventure sports on offer for thrill-seekers, thanks to the geographic diversity the country is blessed with. Check out some of the must-try adventure sports in India.

India has a wide array of adventure sports on offer for thrill-seekers, thanks to the geographic diversity the country is blessed with.

From land-based adventures such as trekking, rock climbing, and mountain biking to water-based adventures like scuba diving and rafting to air-based adventures including paragliding and hot air ballooning,

India has them all. Isn’t it the perfect destination for your next adventure? Go ahead and book that flight to India !! We have listed below some of the most popular adventure sports in India that you must try when you are here.


Whether it’s summer treks or winter treks, challenging Himalayan trails in the North or the suitable-for-all trails dotting the Eastern and Western Ghats in the South, trekking in India can be as varied as you want.

Whatever trail you choose, the scenic views of raw nature along the trail are sure to refresh your body, mind, and soul. A popular adventure sport in India, trekking is perfect for both nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts seeking to break away from the monotony of life.

Popular treks in India:  Chadar Trek, Roopkund Trek, Chandratal Lake Trek, Kudremukh Trek, Markha Valley Trek, Beas Kund Trek, Valley of Flowers Trek, Rajmachi Fort Trek, Chembra Peak Trek, Kudremukh Trek and Hampta Pass Trek.

Bungee Jumping:

The thrill of free-falling from a great height and then oscillating in the air can be best enjoyed in Rishikesh, the Adventure Capital of India. As the highest bungee jumping destination in India, this place boasts a cantilever platform fixed at a height of 83 meters.

The surrounding views of lush green hills and rushing cascades further add to the popularity of Rishikesh among bungee jumpers. This heart-thumping adventure sport needs enough courage and extreme fitness, so if you think you have both, then just go for it!

Popular places for bungee jumping in India: Jumpin Heights (Rishikesh), Della Adventure (Lonavala), Gravity Adventure Zone (Goa), Ozone Adventures (Bangalore), Wanderlust (New Delhi), and Jagdalpur (Chhattisgarh).

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For everyone who wished they were a bird so they could fly across the sky, paragliding lets you experience what it feels like. Take in bird’s eye views of the beautiful landscapes below as you soar in the air. Several places also offer tandem paragliding facilities for those who have no prior experience of paragliding but wish to give this adventure sport in India a try.

Bir Billing, a beautiful village nestled in the foothills of the Dhauladhar ranges of the Himalayas, is a top choice for paragliding in the country. This place is often referred to as the Paragliding Capital of India.

Popular places for paragliding in India: Bir Billing, Mussoorie, Manali, Yelagiri, Ranikhet, Kamshet, Panchgani, Nainital, Shillong, Sanasar, Vagamon, Bedni Bugyal, Nandi Hills, and Arambol.

River Rafting:

Also known as white water rafting, it is one of the must-try adventure sports in India. This extreme adventure requires you (and your group) to carefully navigate the violent rapids while the turbulent river pushes your inflatable raft around and soaks you with its cool waters.

Excited, aren’t you? Put that life jacket on, follow the instructions, and row along. Feel the sudden rush of adrenaline and enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding greenery. Again, Rishikesh is one of the best places for river rafting in India.

Popular places for river rafting in India: Ganges River (Rishikesh), Zanskar River (Ladakh), Beas River (Kullu & Manali), Lohit River and Brahmaputra River (Arunachal Pradesh), Tons River (Uttarakhand) Teesta River (West Bengal), and Kali River (Dandeli).

Scuba Diving:

Interested in exploring underwater life? Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the go-to destination for the best scuba diving experience in India. When you are not relaxing on the pristine sands of these beaches, put on your scuba gear and get under those crystal clear water.

Swim amid schools of fish and see other marine species thriving in their aquatic world filled with colorful corals. The views of the exotic coral gardens and marine organisms and the peace that prevails under the water stay in your memory for the longest time, it is surely a one-of-a-kind experience.

Popular places for scuba diving in India: Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Grande Island (Goa), Malvan and Tarkarli (Maharashtra), Barracuda Islands (Netrani), Lakshadweep Islands, Pondicherry, and Kovalam (Kerala).

Top 5 tips to keep in mind during fishing at the weekend


Fishing is one of the commonest hobbies of almost every person. It fills one with joy and increases the level of patience largely.

Here are some tips for beginners.

While questioned about hobbies, many people would like to include in their list fishing. The one and only reason for adding this under the list of hobbies is its fun factor. Besides, it helps to increase the level of patience and fills one full of joy whenever a person is able to catch a fish.

However, it has also been observed that many people do not like to include fishing in their list of hobbies much just because of repeated failure and long patience. However, it is all about the matter of using tricks and choosing the appropriate lake. Certainly, if you choose a lake where there is no fish race, catching fish is hardly possible.

Besides, it makes your weekend full of joy if you drive to a calm and quiet lake to have a day of fishing. On that note, if you are looking for car loans in Ireland, then do not worry, as many direct lenders lend money with minimum interest. However, being a beginner, if you are thinking about preparing yourself for fishing, here are some tips.

Top 5 tips to keep in mind during fishing as a beginner

Being a beginner will certainly make you full of fun when you are catching your first fish. I can still remember the day when I first caught the fish on my own. Surely, it made me feel glad and inspire me to sit for another couple of hours. However, to catch fish without sitting idly, one must follow these tips.

Prepare your fishing box. 

Being a beginner, perhaps you do not know the necessary things that you must carry while leaving for fishing. Therefore, make a list so that you will never forget what to bring and how to carry it. The first thing you need to arrange is a toolbox.

While going fishing, you must arrange many pretty things into the toolbox, such as sunscreen, first aid, rain gear, fishing wheel, ropes, net, etc. Apart from these, do not forget to take the fishing rod because you can hardly start fishing without it.

Enjoy the boat fishing. 

Do you know the reason for choosing fishing instead of every single hobby? One can take the experience of catching fish even after sitting on the water. In Ireland, it is pretty popular. At every lake, some small boats are usually ready for the people who like to try the experience of fishing by sitting in the boat.

Nevertheless, before opting for boat fishing, you must know how to roll over the reel properly. While sitting on the boat, if you like to precede fishing, lift the fishing rod above the water and maintain the distance while rolling the fishing wheel.

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Select fresh water instead of saltwater 

As mentioned depending upon your choice of the lake, the chances of catching fish increase. For this reason, before selecting a lake, make sure there is a school of fish into that waterside. Besides, also get the information that whether the lake is full of freshwater instead of saltwater. Saltwater contains fewer fish.

Do the rigging properly 

It is an integral part of fishing, and it will be incomplete tips if I stop without giving you advice on rigging. It suggests a tight knot that helps keep the hook steady and prevents breakage while will stick the fish at the hook. For this reason, tying the knot proper will work as a natural lure.

Shake the bait in a natural way 

If you think that fishes are dumb ass, then you are entirely wrong. That is why catching fish takes so much time. So, if you are thinking about the reason for unsuccessfulness every time while catching fish, you can probably not use the bait properly.

Imagine how the natural bait moves underwater. Then try to move the tip of your fish rod in such a way. After that, when you think there is something, start pulling up the reel as fast as possible.

Things you must know while setting the spinning rod

  • First, open up the reel of the spinning rod by applying a little pressure on the silver head. Now you need to set the thread by pulling up the upper portion of it. At this stage, you need to pull that thread carefully. If you do hurry at this stage, then the thread may lose its smoothness.
  • Do not forget to maintain the spool line as it should stay at the same place even if moving the reels. If you are observing that the spool line is not, then it must be flipped.
  • A minimum of 4-5 guides stays with the fishing rod, which keeps the thread in alignment. Begin attaching the thread from the bottom line to the top.
  • Do not forget to choose an adequately colored lure as it helps to attract fish. Use silver color lure.

So, before leaving for fishing, keep all these points in mind. Only then, even being a beginner, can you easily succeed in catching fish.

What is the best alternate to camping activity

One of the best camping activities without any doubt is storytelling. If you have ever spent a night in the woods with friends then you are, by all means, familiar with that warm feeling when, in the attempt to escape cold and dark, people encircle fire and start telling stories.

By the way, we highly recommend bringing some snacks. Usually, the stories that are told are scary and related to local legends bond for the area in which you are camping. But as time passes, the spooky remakes of fairy tales become more and more popular.

Below you will read about a few of the best ways to avoid the cliche of urban legends and give your friends the creeps they deserve.

Camp Storytelling – Spooky Remake of Fairy Tales

We all know what happened to Little Prince. He was bit by a snake so he could depart from his body and reach his home planet so he could reunite with his beloved flower. But when camping, that story can be modified. Instead of departing, his soul could remain trapped and doomed to roam this world for eternity.

Or, you could say that upon his return on the home planet, he arrived in the heart of terror for his world was not what it used to be. However, sometimes when you are tired after a long day of walk it can be hard to be imaginative. It is why the original versions of brother Grimm fairy tales are a perfect choice.

Brother Grimm Original Fairy Tales

The original versions of brother Grimm fairy tales are dark and brutal. For example, Cinderella is far different than it is the case in the Disney cartoons we all watched. When the glass shoes arrived in both sisters cut their feet. The mother persuaded them to do so because the one that becomes a princess will never have to walk again.

It is only when the blood starts pouring out of the shoe that the prince acknowledges it is a fraud and goes back to check for other ladies in the house. After cinderella’s foot proves to be the perfect fit the sisters get what they deserve.

Heavenly doves come and gouge their eyes with their beaks. And there is no glass shoe actually. In the original version of Cinderella, the shoes are made from squirrel fur.

Greek Mythology – Kronos

The most brutal and ferocious stories come from Greek mythology. The story of Kronos, the child eater is without any doubt, one of the darkest stories of them all. And it is very suitable for camping if the sky is clear. This is due to the fact that it can start with pointing a finger in the direction of Saturn.

The planet looks like a bright star and is very popular in astrology but holds some dark history. Saturn is the Roman version of Greek titan Kronos.

And Kronos was born to father Uranus the ruler of the universe and mother Gaia. Uranus was killing some of Gaia’s kids which enraged the mother who gave Kronos a sickle that the son used to castrate his father.

He threw his father’s testicles into the sea. The foam appeared and from the foam, Afrodita was born. But Kronos was also the one to eat his kids.

After dealing with his father Kronos and his sister Rhea ruled as king and queen. The time period of Kronos’s rule was called the golden age. It is because there were no rules and states ass all the living people did only the right things.

However, after hearing that he was destined to be overthrown by his children, Kronos started eating his kids. When Zeus came to this world Rhea tricked Kronos and gave him a swaddling stone instead of a god-infant.

When Zeus grew up, as it was foretold, he was the one to kill his father and become the new ruler of the earth. In addition, Zeus made Kronos vomit both the stone and all five kids he ate before him.

Conspiracy Theories

Another ever-lasting topic that can be used to evade the cliche of urban legends is conspiracy theories. From infant eaters to plans for mass murdering of humanity, you name it. And each and every one of these theories has multiple versions. One of the most popular ones is the Golden Billion conspiracy theory.

The Illuminati plan to kill 5 billion people so one billion can remain. Rich will elevate to the level of gods and live in beautiful cities above the earth while to poor will live trapped in the little cities with big walls that will prevent them from escape.

They will work to survive and fuel the needs of the wealthy ones but they will also be used for harvesting organs and so on and so forth…

Arrival Of The Beast

The arrival of the antichrist is kind of a classic. And literally, every century has its own apocalyptic prediction about the arrival of the beast. One of the most popular is related to the number 666 and the new Lucifer that will be born on the far east, wield supernatural powers, and bring seven years of peace before the world descends into complete darkness…

Halloween Special

If you are by chance camping on Halloween then you must tell a story of Stingy Jack. It is an old Irish folk tale about the man who managed to trick the devil himself. Stingy Jack was a drunkard with incredible deception abilities and was capable of talking his way out of anything.

It is how he never paid a bill for his beverages in taverns he visited. When the word of malevolent soul reached the devil he came from the underworld to collect it. When he confronted the drunkard Jack asked for the last wish to drink one more bear.

However, after finishing, he said he would like to pay at least once but didn’t have any money. The devil turned himself into a coin which Jack put in his pocket with a crucifix. The devil was unable to change his form and remained trapped. He had to forget he will leave Jack alone for the next ten years.

But time passed and in a decade the Devil appeared again. This time Jack asked to eat his last apple from the three but said he could not climb due to his old age and spine problems. The devil climbed but while he was picking the apple Jack encircled the tree with crucifixes and the devil was trapped once again.

This time the prince of darkness had to promise he was going to leave Jack for good and never pull him to hell. And so it was.

When Jack died he went to the gates of heaven but Saint Peter didn’t want to let him in. Having nowhere else to go he went to hell. But the devil couldn’t break his word and let him in.

Yet he felt pity for Jack and gave him the little ember so he could light his way in the between world. To preserve the ember Jack carved the top of the turnip he had in his pocket. It is how the custom of carving turnips that were later switched for pumpkins came to be.

How to Use Spinning Reels – The Ultimate Guide


Spinning reels are widely popular because of their versatility in fishing multiple species and ease of use. A spinning reel ensures an adjustable drag and easy casting by maintaining a user-friendly spool.

As fishing rods and freshwater spinning reels are used by anyone yet they are great for beginners. If you want to virtually fish any species in both saltwater and freshwater, learning how to use spinning reels is a must.

This guide covers the best practices of using a spinning reel. So, read on this guide till the end before heading out fishing.

How to Use Spinning Reels: Spooling, Casting, and Servicing

Spooling Your Line

A regular-sized spinning reel will be filled well with a 330-yard spool. Firstly, the line should be run into the guides and open the bail by flipping it. Opt for Tying an arbor knot to its spool to catch evenly and to keep the line secured. Now, pinch the line between your index finger and thumb above your reel after closing the bail.

Take help from one of your friends to hold the spool of the line from the opposite side when your reel. Also, make sure that the spool’s feeding line and the line you’re spooling onto the reel are in the same direction. Leave ⅛ inch of space between the spool’s rim and the line to make sure you don’t over-spool the reel.

When you’re done, remove it from the reel and soak it in warm water for at least 30 minutes to get rid of line twisting and to remove the memory.

Casting Spinning Reel

What is one of the greatest benefits of using spinning reels? Ease of use. Right? Hold the rod in between your index and ring finger along with the reel’s arm using your dominant hand. Now, pinch the line to the rod using your index finger and flip to open the bail.

Now, your opposite hand should be placed on the rod’s butt. Make it perpendicular to your body by lifting it back to your shoulder. Do swing the rod from back to front in a 180-degree rotation and the line should be released at about 130-degree during the rotation. Close the bail after the rotation and retrieve the lure after reeling forward.

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Setting Fishing Reel Drag

Managing your drag system in a proper way can help you catch bigger species with lighter tackle and help you get rid of missing fish. A fishing reel’s drag is a bundle of friction plates inside it.

If you find a fish fighting when you reel in, the drag helps the tension gradually release the spool and feed the line even without any slack. A perfectly set drag helps you stay connected to the catch tautly and provides an ample amount of line back if the catch fights too hard.

So, how to set it to the spinning reel? Well, turn the knob and the reel’s top on. Tighten the tension by rotating to the right and loosen it by rotating to the left.

Now, close the bail and use your hand to pull the line from the reel’s front. Also, you are allowed to adjust the knob to correct the drag while fighting a fish. If you notice your line is feeding too much or not feeding enough, immediately correct the drag.

Using Anti- Reverse Feature

Like the drag system, the anti-reverse system relieves tension and helps you play the catch. Anti-reverse refers to a switch that you will find on the reel’s bottom part. When the switch is turned off, the system will allow you to reel forward and backward.

When you will be reeling backward gradually, the line will be released. When you’re about to learn using a spinning reel, keep the system turned on for the handle to reel forward. When you master spinning reels, turn it off to play small fish species.

Servicing Fishing Reel

Servicing your spinning reel in a proper manner can make it last longer. The reel should be wiped down using a dry towel and should be placed in a dry environment after a session. One of the contrary beliefs is not to store fishing gear in the basement or garage as these spots remain damp and humid.

You can opt for storing your rods and reels inside your closet. After fishing in saltwater, rinse your gear off with fresh water and dry them using towels.

Lubricating Fishing Reel

If you desire an optimal performance, lubricate your reel once after every 3-4 trips. Remove the spool by removing the drag and unscrew the reel handle. Now lubricate all the sockets, interior edges, and shafts. After lubricating the components, reel forward and backward 10-20 times to make it work.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn to use spinning reels in a proper manner. If you still feel hesitant, watch online videos or consult experienced anglers. Feel free to ask any query in the comment section below.

Preparing Your Boat For Transportation – Do’s And Don’ts


Transportation of heavy cargo is quite difficult. And when that cargo is a boat, things quickly take a rather harsh turn as it becomes more difficult. In this short guide, we’ll tell you some basic steps that you need to cover before you get your beauty out for transportation. Whether for a long trip or for a short trip, these tips are definitely going to come in handy.

Before we get on with it, the first thing that we want to get straight is that you should definitely call in a transportation company. For such sophisticated cargo, you definitely need the best and the most experienced individuals by your side.

Let’s get into the details without wasting any time.

The Do’s And Don’ts of Boat Transportation

While there are things that you should be taking care of while preparing your boat for transportation, there are also some things that you need to avoid. In this section, we have presented some of the do’s and don’ts that’ll help you with that.

Do: Consult with the transportation company beforehand

Before you agree to partner up with a transportation company, just make sure that you have talked to them about the boat and its dimensions. Transportation companies need to prepare beforehand in order to allocate the space according to the information given by you.

Don’t: Forget to secure everything.

As we have mentioned, a boat is a sophisticated cargo. So you have to take care of it as if you were talking care of gold. Make sure that you have secured every primary and secondary part, even everything that extends beyond the hull. Don’t leave everything on the transportation company as you know the best about your boat.

Do: Remove any personal items.

As your boat will, for the time being, be handled by the people from the transportation company, you need to make sure that all of your personal belongings are with you. Not only that, anything that can be considered breakable should be with you too. Doing so will help me feel more secure.

Don’t: Try to do it on your own

Boat transportation is a risky business. Not to mention, when you have attached a trailer to the back of your car, it adds some extra weight, and you might feel like you are driving a truck. Do not try to do it on your own if you are not experienced in heavy vehicles. However, if you have done this before, then you could probably do it again.

Do: Turn off everything.

Yes, this one is very important. Before handing off your boat to the transportation company, make sure that you have turned off everything. In addition to that, you should also unplug your battery and store the cables with yourself. After all, you don’t want dead batteries, do you?

Don’t: Handoff the boat without proper check.

Even though the people from the transportation company are experts, they might end up making a mistake. No one is perfect. So, before you send off your boat, make sure that you have checked every corner for any damages. And if possible, take pictures as well.

Congratulations! You Are Ready

You’ll be surprised to know that with just these simple steps, you can complete your work. The rest will be in the hands of the transportation company. Sure, there is no question that you love your boat. Who doesn’t? But that is why you need help when it comes to its transportation.

Boats are costly and useful. If you are someone who is either into fishing or just some leisure time, you need your boat to be in the best condition possible when you get to the destination.

Moving from place to place can be tough, and with a precious cargo like a boat, it gets stressful. If you have never utilized the services provided by the boat transportation companies, then you should definitely check it out.

As for now, you are ignoring the one way in which your stress of moving a boat here and there can be reduced by half with a single phone call.

With that in mind, we hope that you make the best decision for your boat.

Resorts in Chikmagalur with Swimming Pool


Settled amidst the monster western Ghats, the slope town of Chikmagalur is probably the best area in Karnataka for a calm retreat. Rich green valleys, beautiful climbing trails, cascades, and old sanctuaries.

Indeed, this unending rundown of the best places to visit in Chikmagalur will draw you to spend your days off in the tranquil, peaceful slopes of Karnataka.

On the off chance that you need to withdraw into nature, there could be no more excellent route than the green slopes of Chikmaglur. Additionally, take in the great breeze and respect the pleasant landscape. Here’s the rundown of resorts in Chikmagalur with a pool in 2021.

Top 5 Resorts with Swimming pool in Chikmagalur

Think about an agreeable stay while appreciating the magnificence that encompasses you, because the following one offers you probably the most ideal decisions. In addition, when you talk about the best resorts in Chikmagalur with pools, there are countless decisions, like Java Rain Resorts, that allow you an opportunity to make a plunge the absolute coolest pools encompassed by bars and bistros offering first-class indulgences.

Likewise, experience these simple getaways as you take a gander at the stars from a portion of the significant pools and experience a loosening up excursion to Chikmagalur.

1 Siri Nature Roost

Perhaps the most extravagant resort in Chikmagalur and it is situated in tropical woodland. Also, it offers breezy and roomy manors and rooms with private pools, yard and woods see.

Exercises and Amenities:

  • Angamardhan-Multigym.
  • Agasthya spa for ayurvedic medicines and treatments.
  • Open-air sports like volleyball, cycling, and badminton.
  • Indoor games like Carrom and Foosball.
  • Exercises of rope climbing.

Food: Aathithya’s feasting lobby offers world cooking cooked by achieved gourmet experts. Furthermore, the lobby is watching out to the delightful woods.

Alcohol: The resort just serves non-cocktails.

2 The Serai Resort

The extravagance resort, the Serai, is arranged in the fragrant espresso manors of Chikmagalur. Furthermore, rich and tasteful insides, elegantly outfitted goods, administration of the greatest quality, and undisturbed isolation are a portion of the offers that The Serai offers to its visitors. Truth be told, the Serai is perhaps the best resort in Chikmagalur with a pool and has many destroyed explorers.

Exercises and Amenities:

  • The pool
  • Games indoor
  • The Wildlife Library
  • Chamber lobby
  • Food sources: Veg and Non-Veg
  • Alcohol: Available.

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3 The Gateway Resort

Inherent a pilgrim style, The Gateway Resort offers the best extravagance and is perhaps the best resort in Chikmagalur with a pool. There are 10 standard rooms and 19 extravagant houses in the resort.

Truth be told, the Chennakeshava Hall can be utilized for evening exercises, theater-style shows, and evening gatherings. Likewise, you can arrive at the resort after 260 km via vehicle from the town of Bangalore.

The resort additionally accommodates exercises, for example, traveling to the Mullayanagiri slopes, espresso ranch visits, and touring in the encompassing zones.

Exercises and Amenities:

  • The pool
  • Ayurvedic Massage Center
  • The Fitness Center
  • Business Center
  • The Health Club
  • The parlor
  • Eateries
  • Food sources: Veg and Non-Veg
  • Alcohol: Available

4 Java Rain Resorts

The resort offers 18 extravagance manors with sound windows likewise valley sees, butterfly rooftops, and open decks. They range from singles, twins, and official suites.

This is set in the focal point of a staggering scene of thick silver oak trees, slopes, and streams. Situated at a tallness of 50 ft, this inn offers dazzling perspectives on the city and the Mullayanagiri range. Appreciate the novel experience of having a beverage in the dividers of waterfalls, making it probably the best resort in Chikmagalur with a pool.

Exercises and Amenities:

  • The Infinity Pool.
  • The Meditation Zone.- The Elite Spa.
  • Volleyball court, dart games, toxophilite, and bike.
  • Altered exercises, for example, espresso ranch visits, traveling, and natural life visits.

Food: Mirra, a throughout the day café disregarding the valley, serves the world and nearby cooking and ice cream parlor.

Alcohol: Only one of the resorts of Chikmagalur has a tree bar, notwithstanding, the spot serves a wide scope of spirits in the place of Crimson Peak.

5 Trivik Resorts

Immersed in espresso manors, the very good quality Trivik Resorts is one of Chikmagalur’s eco-accommodating resorts offering excellent administrations and a magnificent stay. You’re invited by extensive, refined rooms with rich couches, minibars, tea/espresso making offices, and a large group of other in-room conveniences,

However, awakening to the dawn conceal and staggering mountain sees makes certain to be the feature of your visit!

The suites are furnished with a changing area, an overhang, and a Jacuzzi, worked in a space of 1200 sq. ft. furthermore, add a sumptuous touch to your vacation. Truth be told, you can pick between a Garden Suite, a Coffee Suite, a Mountain Suite, or a Family Suite dependent on the sort of view you’d like to awaken to.

Exercises and Amenities:

  • – Outdoor Pool
  • – Child-accommodating
  • – Fitness Center
  • – Business Center
  • – Health Club
  • – Bar
  • – Restaurant
  • Food: Veg and Non-Veg
  • Alcohol: Available

Go on an outing to the wild side Best lodges in india you should visit



Behind the thick bamboo, brambles prowl the brutal tiger, standing by persistently for its prey. Someplace, somewhere far off, a crowd of deer visits the nearby water opening to extinguish their thirst and the wily crocodile stays dormant, holding back to dispatch its assault – there are a few scenes that anticipate you when you leave on a wilderness safari. It’s out and out an advantage to see nature’s occupants in their regular living space, showing crude feelings.

KAAV Safari Lodge, Kabini, Karnataka

This wilderness hideaway is set along the actual edge of the Nagarhole untamed life asylum and saturated with the soul of uncommon isolation of the Kabini woods. Since it is directed by the wilderness, you will actually want to hear the many alert calls and hints of nature.

Certainly don’t pass up the boat safari which will make them coast amidst two National parks flanking the southern provinces of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. With Nagarhole on one side and Bandipur on different, crowds of elephants, deer, buffalo, and surprisingly the powerful felines venture out onto these banks to extinguish their thirst.

Property outline

Arranged along the edge of Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary, Kaav Safari Lodge includes an outside pool. It has been creatively intended to please eyes and offers free Wi-Fi in lodgings.

The property offers types of assistance like baggage stockpiling, wellbeing store, and clothing. Visitors can go for a loosening-up walk in the nursery. All movement game plans should be possible at the movement work area.

Opening out onto perspectives on the beautiful skyline, the four very much designated rooms at Kaav mirror our ethos of untamed extravagance. They are insightfully intended to guarantee your every solace while aware of leaving the nature that encompasses you unsullied.

Appended with an overhang and offering a view, the sufficiently bright cooled rooms are outfitted with a tea/espresso producer, fan, and closet. The private restroom incorporates a hairdryer, shower, and free toiletries.

Pashan Garh, Panna National Park, Madhya Pradesh

The Pashan Garh is situated in the focal province of Madhya Pradesh, arranged in the Vindhya Hills along the unblemished Ken River. A solid theme all through the hotel is the theme of the crocodile, which possesses the close by Ken River and the cabin draws motivation from the dry-pressed stone places of the Panna locale.

It contains a bunch of stone houses clustered on a little slope, with sublime perspectives over the backwoods and a huge close-by the waterhole, which has been host to various tiger and inhabitant impala sightings.

Panther Trails, Wilpattu National Park, Sri Lanka

This hideaway is situated by the most seasoned public park in Sri Lanka, Wilpattu. The rose safaris rethink the first risen safari with helpful cutting edge conveniences, meanwhile remaining consistent with the heartfelt atmosphere of a by-gone British pioneer period loaded up with experience.

An extraordinary element here is that the recreation center is covered with enormous sand rimmed regular lakes known as “Villus” which gather downpour water and draw in natural life particularly during seasons of dry spell.

Paatlidun Safari Lodge, Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

Arranged in the lower regions of the Himalayas, this retreat ensures beautiful sights and glorious scents. Paatlidun is situated on the edge of the Corbett Tiger Reserve and is as often as possible visited by wild pigs who like to uncover the grounds and the master Naturalists can instruct you to befriend these fuzzy animals.

Absorb the metallic independent tub, tuning in to the alleviating precipitation pouring outside while you’re engaged in an incredible read. In case you’re fortunate, a peacock may get you a downpour dance as you appreciate breakfast at Risya, the café. You’re constantly encircled by the great organization at this haven.

Pench Tree Lodge, Karmajhiri, Madhya Pradesh

Set in one of the least investigated spaces of Pench National Park, this elegantly done eco-accommodating tree hold up offers a cut of quite possibly the most exceptional untamed life encounters!

The treehouse is roosted high up on a tree, encircled by undisturbed moving sections of land of wilderness bush and trees, and ignores moving greens. It is a private casing to cuddle in and notice the outlandish natural life around.

Best Resorts in Coorg that Promise a Fabulous Stay


Frequently alluded to as ‘Scotland of India’, Coorg or Kodagu, is a safe house and a comfortable spot cuddled in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. With its dim slopes, rich greenery, lovely environment, stunning cascades, fascinating natural life, espresso, and flavors ranches, Coorg is perhaps the most sought-after traveler places in India with a ton to offer from simply beautiful embodiment to a huge number of exercises to enjoy.

While in Coorg, explorers should improve their outing by picking the best Coog Resorts to spoil themselves with plushness in the midst of beautiful vistas.

Known for abundant conveniences, these resorts render the visitors solace alongside the novel country life conveniences including reflection, Ayurvedic focuses, understanding parlor, a movement room, and so on Here are the 5 best resorts in Coorg that explorers can decide to make their Coorg Trip awesome! Trawell. offers Coorg Holiday Packages with your selection of resorts and inns.

These resorts are shortlisted dependent on their conveniences, area, and an incentive for cash advertised. Investigate our Coorg Travel Guide for additional subtleties on arranging your best excursion to Coorg.

Paddington Resort and Spa

Paddington Resort and Spa is a 4-star property helpfully situated at Kushalnagara in Coorg. Settled amidst a thick wilderness, this resort is an ideal stay for all nature darlings to invest energy in the lap of Mother Nature. The property highlights 29 topical bungalows outfitted with TV, tea/espresso producer, Wi-Fi, and in-room safe.

The report additionally includes an in-house eatery, pool, best-in-class wellness focus, and spa. Moreover, the Paddington Resort offers exercises like manor visits, cycling, outside games like rifle firing, arrow-based weaponry, rope exercises, zip line, and so on for the visitors. The resort likewise makes unique courses of action like candlelight supper for honeymooners.

Heritage Resort

In case you’re searching for a spending resort in Coorg where you can design a tranquil end of the week visit, at that point Heritage Resort is the spot for you as it brags of a separated area in the remotest corners of Madikeri.

Set in the midst of rich green timberlands, tea/espresso manors, and dim slopes, this resort is an ideal asylum from the hustle-clamor of the city life and will carry you nearer to nature. It additionally includes an open-air pool, a wellness community, and a multi-cooking eatery that serves the heavenly feast.

Additionally, the resort coordinates exercise like champagne morning meals, espresso trails, picnics, and bike visits for their visitors.

Coorg Cliffs Resort and Spa

Situated at an elevation of around 3398 feet, Coorg Cliffs Resort is viewed as quite possibly the most pursued resort in Coorg for an outlandish stay as a feature of the Coorg Tour. The resort is covering more than 9 sections of land and is intended for both business and relaxation travel. Set on a slope, the resort is encircled by rich greenery, brilliant gardens, and calming regular magnificence.

Espresso and flavors ranch that whirling around the resort offers a treat that must be depicted breathtakingly. The resort is home to 30 rooms that are elegantly outfitted and furnished with all conveniences. The resort has an open-air pool, wellness focus, café, evening amusement, and a 24-hour front work area. One can likewise appreciate exercises like cycling, fishing, nature walk, and estate trail here.

Parampara Resort

Arranged at Kudige, Parampara Resort and Spa is a dazzlingly planned 3-star resort in Coorg. With a few in-house offices and attractions close by, it makes for an ideal stay for both family and work excursions. Rambling across a space of 7 sections of land, the resort includes an assortment of cabins with current insides in the midst of the verdant scene.

Plus, visitors can likewise decide to remain at Camp Tents. The property has an outside pool, Ayurveda focus, dance floor, a gathering lobby, and youngsters play region.

For happiness and amusement, the resort offers various thrilling exercises like Nature Walk, Indoor &Outdoor Games, Plantation trail, Cycling, and much more to keep you locked in. Upon demand, the resort additionally sorts out the huge fire, heartfelt candlelight meals, and social shows for visitors.

Coorg Jungle Camp Backwater Resort

Arranged on the banks of Harangi Backwaters, the Coorg Jungle Camp Resort is a brilliant backwater resort encompassed by glossy greens and thick espresso manors. The resort is an ideal passage for the individuals who are searching for an area that sustains wonderful minutes to bloom from the inside.

The resort offers various rooms that suit the requirements of recreation voyagers just as honeymooners like Standard Room, Honeymoon Cottage, and Jungle Room.

Every one of the rooms are outfitted with present-day conveniences. The comfortable vibe and mitigating stylistic theme of the rooms in the resort make it an ideal objective to unwind a lot while holidaying in Coorg.

The Resort additionally brags of a pool, café, dance floor, and so forth The stay experience additionally incorporates various exciting exercises like Nature Walk, Indoor-Outdoor Games, Boating, Trekking, Jeep Safari, Cycling, and some more!