What are the best places to see in Switzerland

Switzerland’s best places – UPDATED 2020

1- Interlaken

Interlaken lies between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, two alpine lakes. Interlaken is located at the foot of Switzerland’s most beautiful Alpine range and probably the world over, making Switzerland the best spot to visit. The landscape is amazing with the snow-capped mountains, surrounded by cascades, glacial lakes, and lush Alpine wetlands. It is also the main transport gateway to the mountains and lakes of the area (railways and cablecars), which makes it an excellent base to explore.

Spectacular views of three Swiss mountains – the Eiger, the Jungfrau, and the Monch – are offered by Interlaken. The city is also a popular base camp and is known as the adventure capital of this beautiful country. 

2- Lucerne

In German, the city has everything life in the city, the lake, and the mountains. Located in Switzerland, the city. Considered one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Lucerne is best known for its well-preserved medieval bridges, one dating back to 1333, and a water tower. That’s said to be Switzerland’s most photographed bridge.

The city is full of historic squares, buildings, painted façades, and narrow cobbled streets, bordered by shops with traditional articles. Please add extra time for your visit to the lovely Lucerne lake.

Perfectly situated on Lake Lucerne with the setting of a beautiful alpine landscape, the region of Lake Lucerne gives a spectacular blanket of a fluffy winter sow. The region is one of the most unmissable attractions of Switzerland in winter and attracts sowed skiers and snowboarders.

3- Zermatt

Zermatt is the most famous place of incomparable beauty for the Mountain of the Matterhorn. It is encircled by high snow-covered mountain peaks, easily accessible by rack and cable car. There are many beautiful trails, especially when you go downhill, that are so comfortable. Take a walk in the village of Zermatt before going to the hills.

Quick access from the town to various gigantic mountains is the most unique attraction in Zermatt. Those who would like to experience this European gem will find the best places to visit in Switzerland very well.

Zermatt is a good town to walk to different places, the city can be reached by picturesque train routes which link it with the world outside.

4- Geneva

After Zurich, Geneva is Switzerland’s second-most populous city. It lies only 60 miles from France and is located in the Swiss Alps. Geneva is the melting pot of Switzerland, which brings together foreigners from around 200 countries with an inflow of international organizations, like the Red Cross. Geneva remains one of the best places in Switzerland for its delicious chocolate, luxury watches, and rich history.

This French-speaking city is located on the shores of Lake Geneva. Despite its international importance, Geneva manages to have a little feeling. Lake Geneva, visit Switzerland, Geneva, things to do. The lake is famous for its astonishing views of Geneva Lake, Europe’s largest lake and Europe’s deepest.

Geneva’s landmark is the lovely Jet d’eau fountain; the oldest fountain in the world and the water in the lake is safe to drink.

5- Montreux

One of Switzerland’s best places to visit, Montreux, is located in the canton of Vaud, at the eastern end of Lake Geneva. The beauty of nature is exceptional in Montreux; the best of Switzerland is the front promenade, and the high Alps are still visible from here and offer stunning views of the lake.

Many statues are to be found in Montreux and one with the great Chinese gymnastic champion Lead Ning. This two-week festival is held every summer in Montreux Music and Convention Center at the renowned Montreux Jazz festival. The Montreux Palace is a shining example of Swiss luxury and service and has been known for its fascinating architecture since 1906. You will also find a sculpture garden with sculptures by famous musicians, the most famous of which was performed during the jazz festival Freddie Mercury.

6- Bern

With beautifully maintained historical features and lots of activities, Bern is Switzerland’s capital. It’s one of the world’s most picturesque towns and Switzerland’s famous place. Well known for its architecture and designs, this city is made unique by sandstone houses, narrow street wells, and medieval air. His buildings, including the entire old town, are world-renowned, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Bern is the third-highest European capital city at an altitude of 542 meters above sea level and is a great place for an adventurous trip. Colorful street fountains are an incredibly sculptured trademark of Berne, showing the city’s richness and reminding citizens of local heroes and events. Bern was the headquarters of the government and federal parliaments. The Bern train station is just near the historic city center, so when you arrive you begin to walk through the historic area. The well-known clock tower and the arch are the oldest on the market road.

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