Need to Workout? Do Your Homework on the Best Exercise Bike Brands

When it comes to finding the perfect exercise bike, you have to do your homework.  After all, there are tons of different choices, but all exercise bikes are definitely not created equal!  If you are brand new to the biking world, there are a few of the best exercise bike brands that stand heads and shoulders above the rest:

Best Exercise Bike Brands

 1.  Schwinn

Known for decades as a leader in the bike industry, Schwinn is also a big name in the fitness industry.  Offering both upright and recumbent bikes, Schwinn’s models come with all of the best features – like heart monitors, LCD screens, and even storage bins!

But Schwinn bikes aren’t all about accessories.  They are designed to withstand any workout routine.  Schwinn is one of the best exercise bike brands because of its durable frame and parts.  And, as an added benefit, Schwinn bikes come with great warranties.  Your frame will be covered for a few years, and each part will be covered for at least a few months.

 2.  Tunturi

The largest bike maker in Finland, Tunturi, is known as one of the best exercise bike brands globally.  Unlike other bike makers, Tunturi bikes are designed specifically for home users, instead of giant, corporate gyms.

Tunturi exercise bikes come with great technology, so you’ll never be confused about your bike’s consoles and computers.  Not all brands can say that, so it’s easy to see why Tunturi is considered one of the best exercise bike brands out there!

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 3.  Nautilus

If you’re looking to get an exercise bike for your house, the Nautilus Sport Series was created just for you.  Each Nautilus exercise bike comes with a detailed heart rate monitor that automatically adjusts the intensity of your workout to match your target heart rate!  And, each Nautilus bike frame comes with a 30-year warranty – the most in the industry.

4.  LifeCycle

Known as one of the best commercial exercise bike brands, if you’ve ever ridden a bike at the gym, it was likely a LifeCycle.  But, LifeCycle also has 3 home gym varieties, so you don’t have to get a gym membership to get one.

A great perk for LifeCycle?  Most of their models are self-powered, so you don’t have to worry about placing them near an electrical outlet.

5.  Nordic Track

If you’re into gadgets, Nordic Track is one of the best exercise bike brands out there!  Nordic Track bikes feature a ton of entertainment features – like iPod docks, built-in speakers, touch screens, video games, and more than a dozen pre-programmed workouts.

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