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5 Factors To Choose Camping Lanterns For Outdoors

In our day-to-day life, we are looking for refreshments and relaxation to focus clearly on our work. We watch different movies, web series to refresh our mindset. But, these things are temporary relief from daily stresses and pressures. Our body requires natural refreshment through traveling and spending time with friends and family.

Outdoor adventures are the perfect choice to have fun and relax our minds. One of my favorite outdoor activities is camping. Camping helps you stay away from your house and have a pleasant good night’s sleep.

There are various gears required to make the outdoor adventure amazing. It may include camping tents, recreational vehicles, etc. One of the foremost factors you require for camping is the lantern.

A lantern provides you perfect lighting conditions and glows your tent with clean fresh light.

What are camping lanterns?

Camping lanterns are lanterns that can withstand uneven weather conditions offering clean bright light for a long time helping to avoid experiencing a moment in darkness.

How do camping lanterns help?

The lanterns are usually made up of plastic material. This is because it can easily fit in your backpack and is lightweight so that you can carry it easily without hurting your arms and shoulders.

It is recommended that you pick the lantern having at least 500 lumens brightness so that you can lighten up your tent with its brilliant bright light. Also, at least 10 hours of run time is a must to keep all wild creatures away from your tent.

Along with considering the brightness and construction, it is recommended to use the lantern with water-resistance, impact-resistance, and weather-resistance to withstand almost any emergency hurricane situation.

Now. Let’s move towards the 5 factors to choose camping lanterns for outdoors.

5 Factors To Choose Camping Lanterns For Outdoors


Brightness is the foremost factor to consider while buying the best camping lantern for the outdoors. It is suggested that you must consider at least 500 lumens brightness light to get perfect lighting conditions.

Size & Weight

Size and weight are the crucial factors to buy a perfect camping lantern. A lantern with compact size and lightweight is always good to go. Metal lanterns are slightly heavier than plastic lanterns.

Plastic lanterns are rugged in nature and usually considered to carry for campings.


Run-time is one of the important factors to buy an indoor as well as an outdoor lantern. It defines the amount of light it can offer you to avoid darkness in your room or campsite.

It is recommended that at least 10 hours of run time is good to carry a lantern for camping.

Water Resistance

Water-resistance is necessary to carry a lantern for outdoor camping, hiking, or fishing. Lanterns must be constructed with high-grade materials to withstand stormy rainy conditions without letting the brightness be disturbed.

Battery Back-Up

Last but not the least, a battery back-up is necessary to avoid running out of power while enjoying your favorite outdoor adventure. It is suggested that powerful AA or D batteries are necessary to carry to continue enjoying the light with friends and family.

Top 3 Best Camping Lanterns In 2021

  1. Primus EasyLight Lantern
  2. UST Heritage Camp Lantern
  3. church Led Rechargeable Flashlight

Primus EasyLight Lantern

The Primus EasyLight Lantern is an easy-to-use lantern with super portability and long-life perfect for outdoor camping or hiking.

The lantern has amazing light regulation to regulate the extent of brightness as per your choice. The lantern is capable of manufacturing dazzling lighting conditions to warm-up your cold winter evenings spending an honest time with great company.

It has a piezo igniter to simply light the lantern with an easy push enjoying the brilliant light experience. Also, it’s lightweight perfectly suitable to hold without hurting your arms while enjoying your outdoor trip.

Along with blazing lighting conditions, it’s convenient to light the lantern through isobutane canisters to enjoy uninterrupted light.

The well-constructed lantern with a plastic carrying case and ergonomic handle helps to hold the lantern with ease.

On the full, Primus EasyLight Lantern may be a complete lantern for outdoor use that completely fits in your backpack to hold the lightweight lantern to lighten your next outdoor adventure.

UST Heritage Camp Lantern

The 1000 lumens water-resistant UST Heritage Camp Lantern is the perfect choice for outdoor camping, hiking, or fishing.

The clean fresh white lantern features a cool vintage look to avoid over-exposure hurting your eyes thanks to brightness. Also, it’s a dimmer-switch to simply control the brightness as per your choice.

The compact and light-weight lantern is flexible in nature integrated with a simple to hold the handle to hold anywhere to spread the sunshine over a wider area. Additionally, it is often folded right down to access convenient storage to store your outdoor stuff.

The strong lantern has a decent run time of up to 270 hours avoiding you experiencing gloomy darkness and enjoying your outdoor adventure.

One of the outstanding features is that it’s A battery indicator to point out your levels of the battery without fear about charging the lantern.

All in all, UST Heritage Camp Lantern is the best lantern for camping having attractive features and sturdiness to hold for your next outdoor trip.

Church Led Rechargeable Flashlight

The multi-functional portable XTorch LED Rechargeable Flashlight is often used for power outages also as outdoor camping, hiking, or emergency hurricanes.

The lantern has rechargeable USB and solar flashlight lanterns offering the simplest lighting conditions for outdoor camping. Also, the rechargeable USB can assist you to charge your smart devices to enjoy light music with good company.

The strong light has ruggedness and sturdiness to face up to any weather. Also, it’s constructed with LiFePO₄ which is far better than Lithium batteries allowing the sunshine to remain charged in storage for up to three years.

The lantern features a flat base to simply place on a clear surface providing you the stable light to relax your outdoor adventure. Additionally, it’s flexible two charging modes. the sunshine charges in 1.5 hours on USB and 22 hours in bright sunlight. It has a longer run time of up to 48 hours on full charging of flashlight and 400 lumens of brightness output.

All things considered, XTorch LED Rechargeable Flashlight may be a multi-purpose light used for indoor also as outdoors with perfect light to glow your tent with its luminous light.


These are factors to choose camping lanterns for outdoors. I have mentioned all the important and prerequisite factors so that you can select a perfect lantern for your next outdoor journey.

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